Share 3rd party influencer content

​Show you are an expert and that you keep up with what is happening in your field.

​Easily add RSS feeds, choose your content and we’ll share ​industry influencer content for you.

​2 simple steps to ​share influencer content

​Third-party influencers who have a strong reputation can add a lot of value to B2B companies and help you with a variety of marketing activities.

​For example, they can help you boost media impressions, engage with ideal customers and build your social media following.



​​​​Enter the ​URL of the RSS feed

​​Placing the RSS feed URL’s in our database will make it easy for you to scan for new content for you.


C​hoose ​your content

​​Easily choose which content you want to share on your channels, along with a preview of the content to ensure it is suitable.

​You can even select if the content will be shared forever (evergreen content), or just for a short period of time (topical content).

​That’s it – all done!

​When you post on twitter, we’ll even add a customisable ‘thanks to @handle’.

​This can add even more exposure to your ​​​to the content you are sharing and your brand profile.

Unique Features

Beyond the above, we have a number of unique features that we have not found together in any other system.

Swap content

​Want to swap some content in the social media queue? One button click will choose another suitable piece of content.

Hashtag manager

ntegrated hashtag manager allows you to easily add hashtags to your social media content. Not sure what hastags to use? Easily click through to hashtagify.

Employee Notifications

Optional – Automatically notify your employees to like and share your company posts.

Social Media Templates

When we transform your website content into social media posts, we use your own template to structure how your social media posts will format.

Agency ready.

Run a social media agency?

That’s easy, just sign up as an agency you can manage multiple accounts from a single console. You can even give your clients access to Strend.

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  • 3C Social Media Automation
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  • 3C Social Media Automation
    Create posts from the content already on your website
  • Centralised Content Storage
    All your marketing in one place
  • Media Gallery
    Centralised storage for your social media images
  • 3rd Party RSS Feeds
    Easily choose and share content from industry influencers.
  • Social Media Reporting
    Track everything, in real-time and see the results right now.
  • Agency Ready
    Manage multiple accounts from a single console.