Features and tools

We have used a number of content distribution systems over the years.

Strend features many tools which are simply missing from many other systems.


Social Media Scheduling

Connect to your social media channels and schedule your categorised content.

Queue your content and easily swap it around.

Post to Facebook

Strend will post content to any or all of the Facebook pages you manage.

Post to LinkedIn

Strend will post content to any LinkedIn pages that you manage.

Post to Twitter

Strend will post content to any or all of the Twitter profiles that you manage.

Multiple Time Zones

Strend works with international time zones so to ensure your posts are made at the right time.

Swap content

Want to swap some content in your social media queue? With Strend, a one button click will choose another suitable piece of content.

Turn campaigns on and off

With Strend, you can decide which social media channels each campaign will be promoted on, or even turn them off if you want to pause a campaign.

Employee Notifications

With Strend you can automatically notify your employees to like and share your company posts.

Social Media Scheduling

Using Strend, you can create multiple social media schedules for each of your social media channels.


Centralised Content Storage

Import all the content from your website and keep it in a centralised storage area.

Categorise your content and prepare it, ready to be shared when you want it.

Create campaigns form your web pages

Strend can pull content from your website to create social media campaigns. A typical web page will contain 20 to 60 social media posts, so you can easily create lots of valuable social media content.

Categorise your content

Strend will categorise and colour code your content, allowing you to easily differentiate what type of content is due to posted and when.

Social Media Templates

When Strend transforms your website content into social media posts, we use your own template to structure how your social media posts will format.

Hashtag manager

Strend has an integrated hashtag manager which allows you to easily add hashtags to your social media content. Not sure what hashtags to use? Easily click through to hashtagify.


Easy to use automated reporting

Track everything, in real-time and see the results right now.

No waiting around for 24 hours.

Clicks to your website

Strend has graphs showing how many times you have published to your networks and how many clicks have been made to your website.

Built-in Analytics

With Strend, every click is tracked allowing you to instantly see the effectiveness of your campaigns using a simple interface.

Drill down into the data

A campaign is made up of lots of pieces of content. Strend allows you to drill down into the data to see which content is receiving the most amount of clicks and when.

Google UTM codes

Strend automatically adds Google’s UTM campaign tracking codes which means you can also track the performance of your campaigns in Google Analytics.

Which countries are clicking your links

We know social media is worldwide, Strend therefore allows you to filter your tracking data by county and your home country.


Share 3rd party influencer content

Show you are an expert and that you keep up with what is happening in your field.

Easily add RSS feeds, choose your content and we’ll share ​industry influencer content.

3rd party RSS content

Add multiple 3rd party RSS feeds to Strend and you can post all their content on your social media channels. If you forget to add new content, we will re-share previous content.

Choose your content

With Strend, you can choose which content from your 3rd party RSS feeds you would like to like to add to your library.

3rd party Twitter mentions

When you Tweet content from a 3rd party influencer, Strend will automatically mention them in your tweet to gain extra exposure.

Agency ready.

Run a social media agency?

That’s easy, just sign up as an agency you can manage multiple accounts from a single console. You can even give your clients access to Strend.

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  • 3C Social Media Automation
  • Media Gallery


  • 3C Social Media Automation
    Create posts from the content already on your website
  • Centralised Content Storage
    All your marketing in one place
  • Media Gallery
    Centralised storage for your social media images
  • 3rd Party RSS Feeds
    Easily choose and share content from industry influencers.
  • Social Media Reporting
    Track everything, in real-time and see the results right now.
  • Agency Ready
    Manage multiple accounts from a single console.