Create, schedule and reinvent your social media content from start to end.

Achieve your digital dreams

Regain lost time by utilising Strend’s multi-functional efficient software.

Strend can generate content, schedule and publish your entire social media activity by using intelligent and unique coding. Growing online has never been so easy.

Ok. So, what makes Strend different?


Automated Content Creation

Unlike any other scheduling programme, Strend uses a unique 3C engine that is capable of generating all of your social media content.

By scanning your website and combining existing sentences with imagery, Strend can instantly populate your schedule with relevant and representative content.

You can also prepare content to share from 3rd party RSS feeds!


Achieve your company goals by adapting your schedule according to our built-in live analytics.

Strend provides immediate real-time feedback on user interactions, giving you a better understanding on how effective your campaign is.

We support the use of Google Analytics by automatically adding UTM codes that give google access to tracking data, which is collated over 24 hours.

Agency ready.

Organise both yours and your clients’ social media from a singular dashboard.

Strend allows you to schedule multiple companies, meaning that all your client requirements can be satisfied in one place.

Give your clients access, editing power and the benefits exclusive to Strend.




  • Free month trial
  • £15 monthly saving
  • No fixed contract


  • Content automation
    Create posts from the content already on your website.
  • 3rd party RSS feeds
    Easily choose and share content from industry influencers.
  • Centralised storage and media gallery
    Your content in one place.
  • Social media scheduling
    Grow your social media presence in advance.
  • Reporting
    Track everything, in real-time and see the results right now.
  • Agency ready
    Manage multiple accounts from a single console.

*Register by 30th June 2020. 50% off per month until August 31st 2020. Normal price of £30 per month will resume when registering from 1st July 2020. No card details required to register. Payment will be required after 1 month free trial to continuing using account and to receive the offer.