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better, easier & more effective.

Strend makes your digital marketing better, easier and generates more engagement too!

Strend connects your digital platforms, allows you to plan, create & coordinate your campaigns intuitively through a single easy to use dashboard.

Pretty normal so far…
so what’s different?


Enhance your marketing campaigns.

Struggling to keep all your channels populated is a thing of the past thanks to Strend’s 3C engine.

Strend creates content for all your chosen channels easily. All you need to do is paste a URL or XML into Strend’s campaign creator and the 3C engine automatically populates the content into your desired channels, all fully formatted & enhanced.

Say goodbye to time spent reformatting, rewriting and planning every platform separately.

…oooh and we’ve developed a clever bit of code that allows you to choose between strict or variable post timing, allowing you to hide from the bots!

Agency ready.

Benefit from all Strend’s team functionality.

Strend offers even more to teams! Extended scheduling allows you to plan individual posts for each of your campaigns.

Strend enables you to manage multiple accounts and users from a single dashboard.

Track your campaigns in real-time.

Track every click and interaction in your Strend dashboard.

Strend’s 3 level feedback system gives you a better understanding of your client behaviour so you can evolve your campaigns to generate more sales.

Organise your content by type and schedule it to be released at a time when your audience is most likely to engage and read what you are broadcasting.




  • 3C Social Media Automation
  • Media Gallery


  • 3C Social Media Automation
    Create posts from the content already on your website
  • Centralised Content Storage
    All your marketing in one place
  • Media Gallery
    Centralised storage for your social media images
  • 3rd Party RSS Feeds
    Easily choose and share content from industry influencers.
  • Social Media Reporting
    Track everything, in real-time and see the results right now.
  • Agency Ready
    Manage multiple accounts from a single console.